Google will launch a new smarphone town production

Google will release a smartphone under its own brand, different from the Nexus series to compete more effectively with Apple or Samsung.
google phone
Google worked with HTC, LG and Huawei to manufacture smartphones series Nexus, and this is not just limited its ability to innovate, but also brought her many problems because of the poor quality of the devices work based on widely by those who bought devices.

To compete more effectively with Apple and Samsung in the world of smartphones, the Google adopt strategies of the two companies, and will think terminals Nexus one and will work with companies with Foxconn car they will produce devices being launched by Google under its own brand, without collaboration with other manufacturers.

The new smartphone would be different from the series Nexus, so probably talking about a terminal that could come with functions that are significantly different from those that series devices dedicated developers have, but at the moment too many they do not know the details.

If the information is true, then we are talking about a radical change of strategy at Google, the American company preferring so far only to handle Android and leave the production of smartphones in mind other companies, but things will change seriously starting 2016.

Google is planning a shake-up of the smartphone market by releasing ITS own handset, to move ITS That Would tighten grip on mobile software Directly and see it compete with the iPhone.

The technology giant is in discussions with Mobile Operators about releasing a Google-branded phone That Will extend the company’s move into hardware, sources familiar with the discussions Told Telegraph.

Providers such information say that Google will launch this smartphone by the end of this year and mobile business for those at Google would have to think about design, new features, and specifications under which the partner companies would produce components for it and assemble them in the final procedure.

President of Google, Sundar Pichai, said last week that his company invests more time and money to produce smartphones, so information today should not be surprising since we are talking about a natural evolution of what makes Google TLS to support Android platform.

Solving forgot iPhone or iPad passcode

Did you simply use a fresh passcode on your own iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and completely forgot what it was? Don’t stress because you can regain access to your own device by carrying out a couple of easy measures. Practice the measures to get access to your own handicapped Apple apparatus.
When your device is locked or disabled as a result of passcode you’ll get the message to the lockscreen saying iPhone is disabled. In this case you’ve got three choices that contains restoring the unit through iTunes, using Find My iPhone service or placing it in retrieval mode. In this post we are going to detail each of the aforementioned.
Solving the issue through iTunes Restore

It’s possible for you to get access to your own handicapped iPhone, iPad or iPod touch through iTunes. Once joined let iTunes sync your device and make an original copy.
Your apparatus will now restore. After restoration procedure has been complete it is possible to install the really last back-up in your apparatus in the Set up display.
Following the syncing is finished hit the Restore button. It’s possible for you to discover it in the outline page which can be obtained by clicking on the button situated on top right side of your display.
That’s it! You ought to currently have the ability to take advantage of your device as standard.
In your computer open Now select the All Apparatus button on the highest part of your display.
From your list choose the apparatus and just hit the Erase button. This can remove everything in your apparatus such as the passcode you forgot, making a new apparatus.
Later it is possible to restore the most recent copy using iTunes or iCloud.
Using Retrieval mode
iTunes Retrieval popup
Restoration mode is for people who have never synced their iOS apparatus with iTunes. Please be aware that it’ll delete any data you’ve got in your apparatus, thus use this as a final resort.
Release the house button only when you see the Link to iTunes display in your system. What this means is your device has entered the restoration mode.
(Don’t release the house button)
Next iTunes will let you know that a device in restoration mode was found. Click OK to restore your apparatus and gain access to it.

When WhatsApp Message war read? TIP

WhatsApp lately added a brand new attribute for chat which allows sender of the message to understand if the individual in the receiving end has read the message or not. This can be accomplished by revealing blue double ticks in the message bubble. By assessing the information of the message it is also possible to learn the time when the message was read.

To obtain the precise time for the messages read status all you need to do is tap in the particular message and after that in the popup menu hit the information button. On another display the program will reveal the name of the individual, the message in question as well as the time it had been seen by an individual. If so it is possible to view the time when everybody in the group read the message, individually for every single individual user (revealed in third screenshot).

We’ll inform you when this kind of functionality is made area of the program.

Best Cydia Apps from 10 Sources

Jailbreaking have become something usual to any iOS user, but after performing this task, more problems seem to show up. Users don’t usually know which games or apps are compatible with their devices, but neither where they can find Cydia so they can download third party app platforms.
This thing can be easily done by adding some Cydia source in the manage section and after that you are on your way to get Cydia.

  1. BigBoss – No.1 Cydia Repo/Source
    Before you go ahead and install Cydia apps, you need to find the right repository for your device, unless you don’t want to break it. A repository is something like an online space where developers can post their content, but you should be careful, not all repositories can deliver you the best options for your purpose and some of them can hide untruthful content .
    Make your iOS 6 look like iOS 7 – Cydia Apps
    In order to get what you want from your device, here is a list of repositories from where you can choose depending on your needs. Take into account that adding all repositories will slow down or even make Cydia to crash.
  2. Sinful iPhone – has become the best sources Cydia repository thanks to his forums which provide support for more than 3000k users. It provides free high quality cracked Cydia apps, and all you have to do in order to add this repository is enter the following: Cydia/APT URL:
  3. – famous by the app called Installous, which allows you to download and install for free a huge number of paid apps available in the App Store, has gained its 2nd position in our Top 10. It also provides some apps that we suggest: appsync50plus, crackulous, hresources, Idone, translations, security.deb and metadataremovr. Enter Cydia/APT URL: .
  4. If you are gamer, more precisely an emulated game fan, search for xSellize. This repository provides emulators and ROMs for NES, Game Boy and Nintendo 64. Also if you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch you can download packs in which you will find apps tweaks and other. If this repository has convinced you, add it to your Cydia sources as follows: Cydia/APT URL
  5. If all you are looking for is customizing your device, take a look at Insanlyi repo, because it offers a huge number of ways to do that, due to the fact that this is their mainly porpoise. You can get to know their ideas by adding Cydia/APT URL
  6. Make your iPhone sound way better by accessing PwnCenter, a repo who dedicated its entire work to developing multimedia content, such as ringtones. Just add Cydia/APT URL:
    You don’t know what changes will suit your device? Check out iHacks, a repository where you can find ideas, as it contains a little bit of everything, such as themes, ringtones, Cydia layouts or GUIs for SBSettings. Add Cydia?APT URL
  7. IcauseFX: Enter Cydia/APT URL
  8. HackYouriPhone: Enter Cydia/APT URL
  9. P0dulo:Enter Cydia/APT URL
  10. BiteYourApple: Enter Cydia/APT URL

Cydia tweak that will animate Notification banner and Task switcher

Theres a reason we jailbreak our iDevice: motifs, mods, additional functions that break through limits and above all, cartoon effects that improve the manner iOS 8 appearances. As a testimony to that, a fresh tweak got released on Cydia which assures trendy effects / cartoons for several attributes in iOS.

Animer7 Cydia tweak allows you to configure the cartoon of banner ad tellings as well as the switcher cards in multi task switcher. As easy as it seems, it comes with a few great characteristics making it an remarkable tweak. Whether its worth the money or not is something which you really get to determine.animer7

The task switcher as well as the telling facility components experienced a substantial redesign in iOS 8. The banners that slide down are more level, cleaner and a whole lot more cooler than their previous counterparts. However, what stays static is the cartoon effect.

The banner could be styled to have cartoon in regards in and when its blown off. Thats some actual tweaking there.

The tweak additionally allows you to tweak cartoons for the switcher: again, you’ve got the slide in, switcher zoom as well as the fade in toggle. When you swipe left/right to see more programs in the switcher, theres likely to be an attractive cascade cartoon.

You can find essentially no cartoons in how job switcher seems so despite the fact that the design overhaul makes it seem impressive, adding some cartoons/impressions to it could make it seem even cooler.

Animer7 lets you put in various cartoon design to the telling banners as well as how the job switcher cards appear.

There are a few extras also (Concealing newsstand and control center separators) added in the tweak.

Animer7 can be obtained on BigBoss for $1.99. Its worth the cost because of its smooth and no-bug cartoon effect in iOS 8.

iOS 7 inspired by cydia tweak and apps

There are a lot of new features implemented in the new iOS 7. Every iDevice user is eager to get his hands on this new iOS, but sadly for now only developers have this wonderful privilege of test driving it. There are a lot of new features in it. Like new multitasking, a do not disturb feature, better notification and toggles of the device features.  All these new features are inspired from tweaks, apps and other cydia packages. So even though these are some copies let’s not forget the original top cydia apps and tweaks that inspired those from Apple.


So let’s lineup some of these apps, first is Winterboard. It’s highly improbable that you did not use this app if you have a jailbroken device. This app will help you change how your user interface looks, it is one of the must have apps for a jailbroken device. You can get this for free.

We have spoken of a do not disturb feature, well no need to panic with Luna this problem is solved. After it is installed it can be easily activated or deactivated from the Notification Center just by pulling down the list. You can also set to mute all sound notifications. This tweak has a price set of $1.99.


Another feature that makes a huge fuss in the new iOS is the new multitasking management and a section for toggles. Well the inspiration for this was Auxo. This app helps you to manage open apps, it also has a music player control and an area where you can have toggles for your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Respring and many more. The price is $1.99.


Another cydia tweak is Axis which for $0.99 will bring the functionality of launching apps from lock screen.

As you can see no need there is no need to rush to get iOS 7 when you can have apps and tweaks.

The Battle Between Apple and Samsung Rages on All Fronts

A few weeks ago Apple has asked a U.S. court to include Samsung Galaxy S4 in a lawsuit that started last year against the Koreans from Samsung. I did not know why Apple would want to enter the terminal in the process, but today we find out exactly what patents would be infringed device. Apple claims that Samsung would use in voice search system part of the interface used by Siri to display information after a search, which used an asynchronous data transmission technology between two terminals patented by Apple, and other two r technologies related to the display of data generated by a computing system.

samsung galaxy s4 versus iphone 5

On a matter not related to the Samsung terminal, Apple added in the process the Google Now system that allegedly violated some systems used in Siri and patented by the company, unified search boxes being brought into question. Basically Apple attacks Android on all sides, where perhaps where their attempts to remove from sale Samsung Galaxy S4 come from, or any Android terminal. If Apple’s attempts will be doomed to failure or not, remains to be seen

It has been clear for some time now that all gloves are off in this particular competition: Apple vs. Samsung and Android in general, but the fact to the matter is that it would be nice to know however just how many hundreds of millions of dollars will be spent in the process and precisely how would disputes affect us as end-users.

With PhotoAlbums+ you can protect your albums and many more

PhotoAlbums+ is a photo manager software for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Along with the capacity to move photos in to various albums instead of merely replicating them, there are a couple of premium functions such as the capability to set passwords on folders that identify the application from free ones like Photo Organizer.


I personally like this tweak because of the password protection function, I prefer to protect some albums that I consider sensitive.

Between the three tweaks, Photo Albums+ doesn’t have a free version of the app. Additionally be aware that there are iPad versions too so if you want to buy it be careful for what platform you want to buy. The version for iPhone and iPod costs $4.99 where the iPad version has slightly higher price $6.99.

Introducing SiriToggles

SiriToggles is a new jailbreak application for the iPhone that adds a couple of additional tone commands to Siri on iPhone 5 models that have been jailbroken. Established by Hamza Sood and readily available in the BigBoss repo free of cost in Cydia, SiriToggles as the label suggests will certainly provide you the capability to toggle settings on and off rapidly using voice commands delivered to Siri. As of right now SiriToggles understands just a handful of particular commands, although additional will certainly most likely be added.


Listed here are a few of the commands you can easily deliver to Siri as soon as you’ve installed SiriToggles.

– Enable Bluetooth

– Disable Bluetooth

– Turn off Wi-Fi

– Turn on Airplane Method

– Turn off wireless data

– Collection brightness to 75 %.

You could additionally ask SiriToggles the amount of battery you have left on your iPhone.

Finally you can easily ask Siri to release apps by label utilizing SiriToggles. You can easily say things like:

– Open Cydia.

– Release Safari.

– You may virtually claim Open/Launch [any type of app name]. Even apps that have a space in them work as long as Siri converts the label properly.

Having the ability to rapidly turn on and off your Bluetooth and WiFi settings utilizing your voice is a really fun and handy feature of SiriToggles, and make life a great deal much easier.

Connected: If you have not already considered SBSettings app in Cydia, which permits you to rapidly toggle WiFi and other settings utilizing custom-made buttons in the NotificationCenter.

To jailbreak an iPhone 5 you can easily installing the GreenPoison Absinthe hack.

Themes, emoticons and quick reply using pop-ups with GO SMS

GO SMS is amongst the most preferred SMS applications for Android, as well as has actually efficiently turned lots of people far from the stock messaging application in Android devices. The application gives everything you would like in a messaging application, as well as its combination with GO Carrier is the topping on the cake. Due to Apple’s precise App Store policies, the GO Dev Crew hasn’t already had the ability to deliver their popular SMS customer to the App Store, however that’s where Cydia comes in to play. The formal GO SMS for iOS has actually simply been discharged in the Cydia store, as well as you could begin utilizing it on your iPhone right currently if you take place to be operating iOS 4. We recognize that many of you have actually improved to iOS 5 as well as will not have the ability to make use of the application, yet GO SMS for Apple iPhone offers the perception of being in an actually very early stage of progression, as well as we could view significant enhancements in the application in the around future. Having said that, the application is totally useful also currently, as well as has the complete capacity of coming to be a full substitute for the stock Messaging application for iOS 4 individuals.

Disappointingly, GO SMS merely has 2 themes in the Theme Shop part in the meantime, however with the pledge of even more coming quickly. You would switch over in between the readily available themes with a solitary touch. The Settings menu of the application permits its users manage everything concerning the GO SMS notices. The notices presented by the application are involved, as well as customers may respond to inbound textings right from within the active screen without needing to introduce the GO SMS application. GO SMS conserves all the strands like the stock Messaging application, as well as you will certainly obtain brand-new information in both the stock application as well as GO SMS. You would even deliver group SMS by including a number of receivers for a brand-new texting.

GO SMS  uses pop-up notification that have actually acquired practically all the characteristics you can easily access while making up texting from within the application. You would include Emoji, call the sender of the content or respond quickly. GO SMS for Apple iPhone sustains a multitude of emoticons, as well as you will certainly discover virtually all smileys you can possibly imagine in the application’s Emoji listing. Striking the button alongside the emoticon one raises the menu for affixing photos to the texting. You would affix photos from the camera system roll, or snap one right from the video camera as well as deliver it straight from GO SMS. Striking the arrow beside the contact label in any kind of string will definitely permit you forward/delete contents, or make phone calls. After the effective delivering of each content, a notice will certainly be presented to verify the distribution.

GO SMS for apple iphone is plainly a job in development, as well as a great deal of individuals will not have the ability to utilize it due to its being restricted to iOS 4. Still, the application isn’t really regrettable free of charge, as well as we will certainly be awaiting it to obtain upgraded to come to be suitable with iOS 5.