Introducing SiriToggles

SiriToggles is a new jailbreak application for the iPhone that adds a couple of additional tone commands to Siri on iPhone 5 models that have been jailbroken. Established by Hamza Sood and readily available in the BigBoss repo free of cost in Cydia, SiriToggles as the label suggests will certainly provide you the capability to toggle settings on and off rapidly using voice commands delivered to Siri. As of right now SiriToggles understands just a handful of particular commands, although additional will certainly most likely be added.


Listed here are a few of the commands you can easily deliver to Siri as soon as you’ve installed SiriToggles.

– Enable Bluetooth

– Disable Bluetooth

– Turn off Wi-Fi

– Turn on Airplane Method

– Turn off wireless data

– Collection brightness to 75 %.

You could additionally ask SiriToggles the amount of battery you have left on your iPhone.

Finally you can easily ask Siri to release apps by label utilizing SiriToggles. You can easily say things like:

– Open Cydia.

– Release Safari.

– You may virtually claim Open/Launch [any type of app name]. Even apps that have a space in them work as long as Siri converts the label properly.

Having the ability to rapidly turn on and off your Bluetooth and WiFi settings utilizing your voice is a really fun and handy feature of SiriToggles, and make life a great deal much easier.

Connected: If you have not already considered SBSettings app in Cydia, which permits you to rapidly toggle WiFi and other settings utilizing custom-made buttons in the NotificationCenter.

To jailbreak an iPhone 5 you can easily installing the GreenPoison Absinthe hack.