The Battle Between Apple and Samsung Rages on All Fronts

A few weeks ago Apple has asked a U.S. court to include Samsung Galaxy S4 in a lawsuit that started last year against the Koreans from Samsung. I did not know why Apple would want to enter the terminal in the process, but today we find out exactly what patents would be infringed device. Apple claims that Samsung would use in voice search system part of the interface used by Siri to display information after a search, which used an asynchronous data transmission technology between two terminals patented by Apple, and other two r technologies related to the display of data generated by a computing system.

samsung galaxy s4 versus iphone 5

On a matter not related to the Samsung terminal, Apple added in the process the Google Now system that allegedly violated some systems used in Siri and patented by the company, unified search boxes being brought into question. Basically Apple attacks Android on all sides, where perhaps where their attempts to remove from sale Samsung Galaxy S4 come from, or any Android terminal. If Appleā€™s attempts will be doomed to failure or not, remains to be seen

It has been clear for some time now that all gloves are off in this particular competition: Apple vs. Samsung and Android in general, but the fact to the matter is that it would be nice to know however just how many hundreds of millions of dollars will be spent in the process and precisely how would disputes affect us as end-users.