Guide to add Xsellize Repo on Cydia

According to a lot of media sources and also some bloggers Xsellize is one of the best cydia repo on the market. It’s FREE and easy to download and install. On this guide you’ll learn how to install it manually and enjoy from its benefits.

Repo is compatible with iOS 4x, iOS 5x and iOS 6 also. A stable version for iOS 7 is not yet available, but I guess it will be right after the Jailbreak for iOS 7 will be released.

Before we’ll go through the download and install steps of Xsellize you need Cydia on your device. If you have a iPhone, iPod or a iPad you need to Evasion Jailbreak your iOS 7, iOS 6 or so and then you need to download and add Cydia for FREE. That’s it! We’re READY!

Why you want to install Xsellize repo on Cydia? Because it has few of the best must have apps and tweaks like iBlacklist, AppSync, Appfront, FolderLock, Gridlock, AdBlock and many more games too.


Our two step Guide to download and add Xsellize on Cydia:

Step 1: – Open Cydia by clicking the icon at the homepage and go to Manage section, followed by Sources, then Edit and finally click on Add button to add Xsellize Repo on your device. In case you haven’t understood from the first time this is the path you need to follow on your device to add Xsellize: Cydia > Manage > Sources > Edit > Add. Try one of these two active paths now:

The second path is the recommended one, but you can also choose the first one depending on the iOS you’re using. After you’ll click on Add Source button you should be able to see this message “Downloading Packages”. You are now one step closer to adding Xsellize on your device!

Step 2:- Now you have Xsellize on your iPhone, iPod or your iPad. Go and look for a iAp Cracker and install it by clicking Modify button. Right after you managed to install the iAp you must go back to the home screen and you should see the Xsellize right under the “Entered by User” section.

That’s it! You are good to go and enjoy the benefits of Xsellize Repo now!

If you experience any trouble to add xSellize on your device or have any other questions regarding this repo please leave your comments right here and I will answer as soon as possible.

New image shows the iPhone 7, 7 and 7 Pro Plus

During the day appeared on new internet pictures in which carcasses iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro are again shown to the world, they showing us exactly what we have seen so far and from many other images They looked exactly the same thing about upcoming Apple products.

The carcasses are, of course, made on the basis of sketches taken from the factories of partners Apple, but of course you know the story, and based on analyzing them realize just how many small will be changes aesthetic that Apple is going to give us this fall but nothing more, unfortunately.

We’re talking of course about the 4 known changes, meaning a bigger room for the iPhone 7 and a dual iPhone 7 Plus / Pro, a Smart Connector for the larger and eliminating antennas that share housing in 3 distinct parts, but of course you knew all these information from previous rumors.

The appearance of these pictures is quite strange considering that last week a well-known leaker of information told us codes production of the iPhone 7, and that only two models will be officially launched on the market, so iPhone 7 Pro will be actually an iPhone 7 Plus, the names being misrepresented by rumors.


That said, in the coming weeks we will definitely see more pictures of this kind.

Samsung invests in a company producing electric cars

If Apple develops its own car and plans to market it in the coming years, those from Samsung were oriented towards acquiring a stake of an automobile manufacturer in China called BYD, but until now was not as spend Koreans for this stake or what percentage of the total shares represented by him.

Collaboration between Samsung and BYD will be limited initially only the software and some components of the car, but those from Samsung have announced future plans to have a more active role in the manufacture of machinery, so it will be interesting to see how things develop.

BYD is a company that is financed by Berkshire Hathaway, owned by Warren Buffett and his specialization is the development of electric cars, which is also interest from Apple, but there is a chance that Samsung to take away from him before and through this partnership bring to market faster an electric car.

Samsung has divisions that produce a variety of automotive components, so it could manufacture various components for BYD in the idea of launching the car faster on the market, but for now plans on how they will collaborate companies were not disclosed by any source.


South Korean technology giant Samsung Electronics Co Ltd on Friday it is in talks said to acquire a stake in Chinese automaker BYD its chip to boost business for electric cars. The latest investment at aims strengthening electric vehicle parts and smartphone businesses share for the two companies. We plan to discuss cooperation in various businesses going forward.

Samsung has a great interest in staying competitive in a world where Apple and Google are turning serious on software development guide standalone machine or electric cars, the future seemed to hang in the industry and not just in smartphones  or tablets.

Given that Apple is developing only cars would not be unlikely that Samsung will buy a large percentage of the shares of BYD.

Pokemon GO players were mugged because application

Pokemon GO is a very popular game, but is also extremely dangerous for different users, US police received complaints from some users who were mugged by thieves who have used the app to lure victims in locations where they they’ve threatened with guns to steal valuables.
Missouri is the state in which there were these robbers who in middle game Pokemon GO, thieves managed to convince victims that are looking for Pokemon, when in reality they were waiting in various locations to steal mobile phones, money and other valuables they had on them at the time.

US police managed to arrest four suspects for these robberies and it looks like they used a beacon to create a so-called Pokéstop in the game, it showing the existence of a pokemon important in the location where they sat, not less 11 people being robbed by this method by thieves.

Of course people robbed were between 16 and 18 years, being from St. St. Louis Charles, and if the police had not intervened, then surely the death toll would have been much higher, and the situation could have been tragic, with some people killed in refusing to hand over the goods.

This morning at approximately 2 am we responded to the report of an Armed Robbery near the intersection of Highway K and Feise Road. We were able to locate four suspects occupying a black BMW a short time later and recover a handgun. These suspects are suspected of multiple Armed Robberies both in St. Louis and St. Charles Counties. It is believed these suspects targeted their victims through the Pokemon Go smart phone application.

I told Tuesday that two YouTuber were to be shot using Pokemon GO, while another person has found a corpse, the game putting users in situations very unusual, and this seems to attract the most people eager for adventure under this title.