New image shows the iPhone 7, 7 and 7 Pro Plus

During the day appeared on new internet pictures in which carcasses iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro are again shown to the world, they showing us exactly what we have seen so far and from many other images They looked exactly the same thing about upcoming Apple products.

The carcasses are, of course, made on the basis of sketches taken from the factories of partners Apple, but of course you know the story, and based on analyzing them realize just how many small will be changes aesthetic that Apple is going to give us this fall but nothing more, unfortunately.

We’re talking of course about the 4 known changes, meaning a bigger room for the iPhone 7 and a dual iPhone 7 Plus / Pro, a Smart Connector for the larger and eliminating antennas that share housing in 3 distinct parts, but of course you knew all these information from previous rumors.

The appearance of these pictures is quite strange considering that last week a well-known leaker of information told us codes production of the iPhone 7, and that only two models will be officially launched on the market, so iPhone 7 Pro will be actually an iPhone 7 Plus, the names being misrepresented by rumors.


That said, in the coming weeks we will definitely see more pictures of this kind.