How to use a microSD card with any iPhone

With iPhone connected to the microSD card can store movies, photos, music and documents smoothly.

One of the great regrets of many users is unable to connect a microSD card from iPhone to save data that no longer fit in the storage media of our terminals, but in solving this problem comes a little accessory called Leef iAccess you see in picture below and you can find here.


This gadget small size allows you to connect any microSD card in iPhone, or more precisely from any iPhone that has port Lightning and using an application developed by those from Leef you can store a variety of data storage medium, thus freeing up precious space in your terminals.

Basically, Leef iAccess connects to the iPhone via the port Lightning of our devices, and a microSD card is inserted into a special port positioned in its side opposite accessing data stored in it is done through a program for those at Leef on that you can install in your iPhones.

As a microSD card connected to iPhone

Having connected the microSD card from the iPhone using Leef iAccess and you open the application of the Leef, you can copy in that media pictures, movies, music, documents and any files of this type, but you can not store applications they must be installed exclusively in the medium of the iPhone.


Although we are talking about a limitation in this regard, installing applications must be made in iPhone and not that microSD card, the upside is that you can store GB over GB of music, movies, pictures, or any other documents and access them on that microSD card without going to bother with iPhone memory.

You can buy Leef iAccess of this page, but you need a microSD card as he with support for microSD cards up to 128GB, and to get the best experience for accessing or copying files, I recommend a card like this, any other similar card in class 10, or even card-Leef’s from which you can find here.

Leef of the application you can download, format universal App Store following this link.