Samsung invests in a company producing electric cars

If Apple develops its own car and plans to market it in the coming years, those from Samsung were oriented towards acquiring a stake of an automobile manufacturer in China called BYD, but until now was not as spend Koreans for this stake or what percentage of the total shares represented by him.

Collaboration between Samsung and BYD will be limited initially only the software and some components of the car, but those from Samsung have announced future plans to have a more active role in the manufacture of machinery, so it will be interesting to see how things develop.

BYD is a company that is financed by Berkshire Hathaway, owned by Warren Buffett and his specialization is the development of electric cars, which is also interest from Apple, but there is a chance that Samsung to take away from him before and through this partnership bring to market faster an electric car.

Samsung has divisions that produce a variety of automotive components, so it could manufacture various components for BYD in the idea of launching the car faster on the market, but for now plans on how they will collaborate companies were not disclosed by any source.


South Korean technology giant Samsung Electronics Co Ltd on Friday it is in talks said to acquire a stake in Chinese automaker BYD its chip to boost business for electric cars. The latest investment at aims strengthening electric vehicle parts and smartphone businesses share for the two companies. We plan to discuss cooperation in various businesses going forward.

Samsung has a great interest in staying competitive in a world where Apple and Google are turning serious on software development guide standalone machine or electric cars, the future seemed to hang in the industry and not just in smartphones  or tablets.

Given that Apple is developing only cars would not be unlikely that Samsung will buy a large percentage of the shares of BYD.