Best Cydia Apps from 10 Sources

Jailbreaking have become something usual to any iOS user, but after performing this task, more problems seem to show up. Users don’t usually know which games or apps are compatible with their devices, but neither where they can find Cydia so they can download third party app platforms.
This thing can be easily done by adding some Cydia source in the manage section and after that you are on your way to get Cydia.

  1. BigBoss – No.1 Cydia Repo/Source
    Before you go ahead and install Cydia apps, you need to find the right repository for your device, unless you don’t want to break it. A repository is something like an online space where developers can post their content, but you should be careful, not all repositories can deliver you the best options for your purpose and some of them can hide untruthful content .
    Make your iOS 6 look like iOS 7 – Cydia Apps
    In order to get what you want from your device, here is a list of repositories from where you can choose depending on your needs. Take into account that adding all repositories will slow down or even make Cydia to crash.
  2. Sinful iPhone – has become the best sources Cydia repository thanks to his forums which provide support for more than 3000k users. It provides free high quality cracked Cydia apps, and all you have to do in order to add this repository is enter the following: Cydia/APT URL:
  3. – famous by the app called Installous, which allows you to download and install for free a huge number of paid apps available in the App Store, has gained its 2nd position in our Top 10. It also provides some apps that we suggest: appsync50plus, crackulous, hresources, Idone, translations, security.deb and metadataremovr. Enter Cydia/APT URL: .
  4. If you are gamer, more precisely an emulated game fan, search for xSellize. This repository provides emulators and ROMs for NES, Game Boy and Nintendo 64. Also if you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch you can download packs in which you will find apps tweaks and other. If this repository has convinced you, add it to your Cydia sources as follows: Cydia/APT URL
  5. If all you are looking for is customizing your device, take a look at Insanlyi repo, because it offers a huge number of ways to do that, due to the fact that this is their mainly porpoise. You can get to know their ideas by adding Cydia/APT URL
  6. Make your iPhone sound way better by accessing PwnCenter, a repo who dedicated its entire work to developing multimedia content, such as ringtones. Just add Cydia/APT URL:
    You don’t know what changes will suit your device? Check out iHacks, a repository where you can find ideas, as it contains a little bit of everything, such as themes, ringtones, Cydia layouts or GUIs for SBSettings. Add Cydia?APT URL
  7. IcauseFX: Enter Cydia/APT URL
  8. HackYouriPhone: Enter Cydia/APT URL
  9. P0dulo:Enter Cydia/APT URL
  10. BiteYourApple: Enter Cydia/APT URL