Cydia tweak that will animate Notification banner and Task switcher

Theres a reason we jailbreak our iDevice: motifs, mods, additional functions that break through limits and above all, cartoon effects that improve the manner iOS 8 appearances. As a testimony to that, a fresh tweak got released on Cydia which assures trendy effects / cartoons for several attributes in iOS.

Animer7 Cydia tweak allows you to configure the cartoon of banner ad tellings as well as the switcher cards in multi task switcher. As easy as it seems, it comes with a few great characteristics making it an remarkable tweak. Whether its worth the money or not is something which you really get to determine.animer7

The task switcher as well as the telling facility components experienced a substantial redesign in iOS 8. The banners that slide down are more level, cleaner and a whole lot more cooler than their previous counterparts. However, what stays static is the cartoon effect.

The banner could be styled to have cartoon in regards in and when its blown off. Thats some actual tweaking there.

The tweak additionally allows you to tweak cartoons for the switcher: again, you’ve got the slide in, switcher zoom as well as the fade in toggle. When you swipe left/right to see more programs in the switcher, theres likely to be an attractive cascade cartoon.

You can find essentially no cartoons in how job switcher seems so despite the fact that the design overhaul makes it seem impressive, adding some cartoons/impressions to it could make it seem even cooler.

Animer7 lets you put in various cartoon design to the telling banners as well as how the job switcher cards appear.

There are a few extras also (Concealing newsstand and control center separators) added in the tweak.

Animer7 can be obtained on BigBoss for $1.99. Its worth the cost because of its smooth and no-bug cartoon effect in iOS 8.